Our Mission

INBICTUM is a fashion brand exclusively dedicated to technical, functional and smart clothes. We develop fashionable and smart garments that respond to specific needs and wants of customers, society and the planet. We have a deep expertise in up-to-date technologies and work with the best textile companies in Portugal. Therefore, we either select the best technologies and fabrics available in the market or, together with our partners, we develop our own gadgets and/or textiles in order to suit highly demanding requirements. We love to be challenged to do better!

100% Made in Portugal​

Our clothes are made in Portugal. Portugal has one of the best textile cluster in the world and we are working with the most innovative companies based in Portugal. Due to our proximity, we follow every step of product development, from its concept to the packing process, in order to guarantee high-quality, eco-friendly and innovative clothes.

Community Service

Our concept is focus on listening to our customers to develop clothes that efficiently extend the functionality and usefulness of common clothes. We believe that bringing customers’ opinions to the idea generation of new products leads to more satisfied customers and waste minimization. Management, marketing, manufacturing and R&D are all working in-line with each other, enabling us to work more efficiently to collaborate with the customers to produce their desired products.

Sustainable and Eco-friendliness

To reduce the amount of waste associated to fashion industry, customers participate in the idea generation of new products. Furthermore, recycled and natural materials with low environmental impact are always our preferred solutions.


As an IT team that is proficient in Research and Development, we are keen to keep up to date on the latest technological solutions. We are driven by curiosity, innovation and passion for technology. Our strength is to translate our customers’ needs and wants into innovative technological solutions. We undertake global research and analysis to better develop breakthrough innovation in fashiontech.

Respect for Human Rights

Our products are made for people and made by people. We want happy customers and happy employees. Irrespective of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, or any other status, every human beings are treated equally and their rights are always respected.

Transparent supply chain

Transparency is one of our key points. As a company that has commitments to sustainability as one of the major business driver, we consider that a culture of transparency is necessary to share our requirements and procedures, to build increased levels of trust with our end customers, and motivate consumers to make educated choices about what they buy.