What is Cupro?

Cupro is a semi-synthetic fabric derived from a part of the cotton plant: cotton linter – the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it is been ginned. The cotton linter undergoes a process to remove any impurities and yield a product that is pure cellulose. Cupro combines the positive qualities of both natural (cotton) and semi-synthetic (cellulosic) fibers. As Cupro fiber is obtained by recycling cotton waste, it promotes more efficient use of our limited natural resources. Cupro has just received the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard).

Cupro Properties?

  • Soft and shiny – much softer feel than conventional cotton.

  • Very similar weight, look, luster, and hand to silk as cellulose fibers.

  • Breathable and thermal regulates body temperature and moisture as cotton.

  • Creates beautifully draped clothing.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Antistatic and resistant to stretching out of shape at higher temperatures.

  • Environment-friendly – fully biodegradable and obtained from a renewable resource.

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